Data Protection Statement
As operating company of this webpage we seriously take care of your personal data. We treat your personal data strictly confidential according to the European General Data Protection Regulation and the Austrian data protection law and this data protection statement.

The visit of our webpage usually does not collect any personal data according to the above mentioned data protection rules. As far as you give us your contact data it is based on your free will. We do not transmit these data to any third party without yours before hand expressed consent.

We like to remind you once again of the dangers of open data transmission via Internet. A watertight protection of transmitted data against misused access is impossible in Internet without encryption.

Data protection declaration for the application of LinkedIn:

Our webpage makes use of functions of the LinkedIn network. Provider is LinkedIn Corporation 2029 Stierlin Court, Mountain View CA 94043 USA. Every access of our web pages which include functions of LinkedIn a connection is established to servers of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is informed about your visits of our web pages with your IP address. If you click the “Recommend Button” of LinkedIn and you are logged in with your account at LinkedIn it is possible for LinkedIn to assign your visit of our web pages to your user account of LinkedIn. We underline that in this configuration we as operating company of the web pages do not have any knowledge of the content of the transmitted data and there use by LinkedIn. You could find further information in LinkedIn’s data protection declaration at

Data protection declaration for the application of Xing:

Our webpage makes use of functions of the Xing network. Provider is Xing AG, Dammtorstraße 29-32, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. Every access of our web pages which include functions of Xing a connection is established to servers of Xing. According to our knowledge Xing does not store personal data and IP addresses and does not exploit the behaviour of the user. You could find further information in Xing’s data protection declaration at

Contact to our Company

The legal purpose of any contact to us is to establish a legal business relation between us on a voluntary basis. Your data handed over to us we process them solely for the proposed business relation and we do not transmit them to any further party with the exception of legally forced transmissions. If you request to hand over your personal data to any third party, please, we kindly request you to tell us the contact details of the controller and the legal purpose for this data transfer. At any time you have the right to revoke the processing of your data without any cost beside some legally expressed restrictions. Any time you as data subject have the right to obtain from us:
  • With your written enquiries about your personal data processed by us, their purpose, their origin, their transfer to third parties (including purpose and restrictions); the planned erasure or the condition for erasure the data; we will provide you your data in written form by letter;
  • Your right to rectificate your data without any costs;
  • Your right to request the erasure partly or total of your personal data with the exceptions that this erasure is prohibited by legally expressed archiving (§ 212 Austrian Business Law Book, § 312 Austrian Federal Tax Law), a valid open contract with you, a valid law requesting the retention of data, an un-appealable decision (res judicata) of the responsible administration or court , the vital interests of you or another individual request the application of your personal data,
  • Your well founded restriction of processing of your data;
  • The data portability of your data in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format to transfer them to another controller;
  • The objection against profiling and automated decisions, which we don’t use:
  • The first enquiries or repeated enquiries of your rights beyond the time frame of twelve month is without any fee, however, if you request them again within 12 month we will provide you only when you before hand pay a legally allowed administration fee of thirty Euro;
  • You will get all information within one month;
  • You have the unrestricted possibility of lodging a complaint with the supervisory authority and seeking a judicial remedy if you have a founded objection against our processing or treatment of your rights by us.

Opposition promotional emails

We object the use of legally published contact details of our company for transmitting unrequested advertising and information material. As operating company of our web pages we reserve the right to take legal actions against such unrequested advertising E-mails.