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FIANOSTICS develops and produces high-sensitivity fluorescence immunoassays based on Metal Enhanced Fluorescence for clinical research, which can be used on any fluorescence micro-plate reader. We also offer custom development of immunoassays and/or transfer of existing assays to our MEF-platform.

Metal Enhanced Fluorescence (MEF) offers the possibility to dramatically increase the analytical sensitivity of systems based on fluorescence detection. MEF is based on the fact that excitation light interacts with the electrons of metal nano–structures thus generating very high electromagnetic fields (Localised Surface Plasmons, LSPs ) Therefore, such structures are also called ”plasmonic structures” and the combination of (e.g, polymeric) support and structure is known as “plasmonic substrate”. These LSPs lead to an increase in emission output of fluorescent molecules (e.g. fluorescently labelled antibodies) when bound to surfaces with suitable nano-metal structures that can enhance the signal more than 100 times.

The unique features of FluoBolt™-Technology enables us to develop direct fluorescence immunoassays with the following benefits: High Sensitivity, Single Step Assay, No Enzym Substrate, Stable Signal over Time


FluoBolt™- Noggin

The FluoBoltTM –NOGGIN assay is your high-sensitivity alternative to conventional NOGGIN-ELISA kits. To read more about NOGGIN or order, click here:

Noggin Info Page
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    FluoBolt™- Asporin

    The FluoBoltTM –ASPORIN assay is your high-sensitivity alternative to conventional ASPORIN-ELISA kits.To read more about ASPORIN or order, click here:

    Asporin Info Page


    FluoBolt™- PERIOSTIN

    The FluoBoltTM –PERIOSTIN assay is your high-sensitivity alternative to conventional PERIOSTIN-ELISA kits.To read more about PERIOSTIN or order, click here:

    Periostin Info Page

    Fluo Bolt™ Testing Service

    Send us your patient cohorts, we do the testing

         Nr. Patients         Price / Patient
        01-05    22,00 €
        06-10    19,80 €
        11-20    18,80 €
          >20    17,00 €


    FluoBolt™- KLOTHO

    Our new high sensitivity α-KLOTHO assay for clinical research.To read more about KLOTHO or order, click here:

    Klotho Info Page


    FluoBolt™- WNT3A

    To read more about WNT3A or order, click here:

    WNT3A Info Page

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