What We Do

The Problem

Biomarkers, which are measured in body fluids of patients, are the easiest and quickest way to evaluate the efficacy of therapies or to test a medical/biological hypothesis. Many of the newer Biomarkers are Cytokines or Cytokine-like molecules involved in physiological regulation mechanisms, which are hard to detect by conventional methods (ELISA or FACS) because of their limited sensitivity.

Our Solution

Fianostics, in co-operation with Sony DADC BioSciences (since July 1st 2016 STRATEC CONSUMABLES), has decided to remedy that problem by developing a new platform technology that enables the development of high sensitivity fluorescence immunoassays. This will dramatically increase reproducibility and reliability of clinical studies with biomarkers .

What Makes
Us Special

Fianostics combines many years of experience in diagnostics with the development of a high-tech Immunoassay platform that replicates the excellent expertise of Sony DADC BioSciences (since July 1st 2016 STRATEC CONSUMABLES) in producing polymer consumables for the diagnostic industry. Our know-how is not limited to developing the new immunoassay platform, but also extends to supplying diagnostic applications in specific clinical areas.

Creating Confidence

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