FluoBolt™- ASPORIN

Structure and biological function

Asporin is an extracellular matrix protein consisting of 380 amino acids that is secreted as a dimer, acts as a direct binding partner for TGF-β1 and, like decorin and biglycan, belongs to the Small Leucine-Rich Protein (SLRP) class I family. In addition to their homology at the genetic and molecular level, these are characterised in particular by a sequence of leucine repeats (leucine rich repeats, LRRs) flanked by cysteine disulphide bridges. In contrast to other members of the SLRP class I family, asporin has no glycosaminoglycan binding site, but a number of unique aspartic acid repeats at the N-terminus. The main biological function of this protein is probably the regulation of TGF-β1 activity, to which it binds directly.

Bestellnummer: FIA-1702

“The FluoBolt™-ASPORIN assay is supplied as standard with an AlexaFluor680 labelled detection antibody (OrderNo. FIA-1702-A6)

If you would like to use a different fluorescent dye, please order with the order no.

  • FIA-1702-F
  • FIA-1702-C3
  • FIA-1702-C5
  • for FITC, Cy3 or Cy5 labelled detection antibodies
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