FluoBolt™- NOGGIN

Structure and biological function

Noggin is a homodimer-secreted glycoprotein that acts as an antagonist of bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs). Human Noggin cDNA encodes a 232 amino acid (AS) long precursor protein, which is cleaved into a 19 AS signalling peptide and the 213 AS long mature protein. This contains an N-terminal acidic region, a central, basic heparin-binding segment and a C-terminal cysteine knot structure. Noggin is very highly conserved among vertebrates. NOGGIN mainly binds BMP-4 and BMP-2 and neutralises their bioactivity by preventing binding to type 1 and type 2 BMP receptors.

Bestellnummer: FIA-1701

“The FluoBolt™-NOGGIN assay is supplied with AlexaFluor680 labelled detection antibody as standard Order No. FIA-1701-A6

If you would like a different fluorophore, please use this when ordering:

  • FIA-1701-F for FITC-
  • FIA-1701-C3 for Cy3 or
  • FIA-1701-C5 for Cy5-labelled detection antibodies”
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