FluoBolt™- WNT3A

Structure and biological function

WNT3A is a secretory glycoprotein and belongs to the WNT family. Members of this family can interact with cell membrane receptors and thus assume important functions in autocrine regulation and paracrine signalling. WNT3A is expressed in moderate amounts in the placenta and in low concentrations in the lungs, spleen and prostate. The canonical sequence of WNT3A consists of 352 amino acids (AS) and a mass of 39.365 kDa. It is rich in cysteine and thus forms some disulphide bridges between the cysteine residues. N-acetylglucosamine modifications are found in AS 87 and AS 298. AS 209 carries a lipid residue that makes the molecule very hydrophobic. Therefore, WNT3A in its physiological form forms a complex with afamin, which acts as a carrier for hydrophobic molecules in body fluids and is essential for the activity and solubility of WNT3A in the circulation. WNT3A plays an important role in cell growth and differentiation, embryonic development, neuronal development, immune regulation, bone formation and carcinogenesis.

Bestellnummer: FIA-1705

“The FluoBolt™-WNT3A assay is supplied as standard with an AlexaFluor680 labelled detection antibody (OrderNo. FIA-1705-A6).

If you would like a different fluorophore, please use this when ordering:

  • FIA-1705-F for FITC-
  • FIA-1705-C3 for Cy3- or
  • FIA-1705-C5 for Cy5-labelled detection antibodies
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