INOOlab BSC for Covid-19 antibodies

The INOOlab™ concept is the combination of our highly sensitive FluoBolt™ fluorescence amplification technology with the innovative dry blood collection method of our partner Neoteryx Inc. This provides easy access to high-quality laboratory diagnostics with just a drop of blood from the fingertip.

This product is used to collect a defined quantity of capillary blood using the so-called “Volumetric Adsorptive Micro Sampling” (VAMSTM) method from NEOTERYX LLC (Torrrance CA, USA). The sample is applied to a sponge on a sampling tip (MITRATM), which can hold a precisely defined amount of capillary blood (in this case 20 μl)

Bestellnummer: INO-2201A

Sample collection kit for dried capillary blood for the determination of antibodies against the
SARS-CoV-2 virus using the “Cov19 FluoBoltTM-DUO SN” MEF-FIA from Fianostics

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